STILLNESS is a damping system and sound insulation board composed of anti-vibration and massive elements. We select inorganic materials with different densities and thicknesses to form a composite layer with the best properties of sound insulation and vibration damping in order to effectively insulate the medium-low and low frequencies of the sound transmission.

STILLNESS Vl is composed of a quad layer system built off the concept of our STLL V. Starting off with a top layer of high quality type X FR gypsum board, followed by cement fiber board, high quality type X FR gypsum board finished off with our 60 mm ARG, this combination can enhance the sound insulation between 25 and 28 dB, depending on the construction of the base of the wall or celling.

This is our highest db reduction in a fixed model, making this out “best” option. The layers of each compound model are pressed and adhered under high pressure. These composite vibration damping and sound insulation boards are much more practical than the traditional layer-by-layer construction and provides an effective sound reduction rate of walls and ceilings in all types of applications, from the music business to the industrial market.


Sound insulation enhance:
Between 25 and 28 db depending on the constitution of the base of the wall or ceiling.
With screws or contact glue. Reduces sound transmission loss property.
B-s1,d0 (similar to M1).
Environmentally friendly material.
High-density board, paintable surface.
The fact that it uses layers of Type X FR Gypsumboard and cement fibre board, enables its usage in construction as a fire barrier.
Total thickness: 10,4 cm (4 0/1").
Suitable for usage in large areas of construction.
1 layer of (16mm | 5/8") Type X FR Gypsumboard layer, 1 layer of (12mm | 1/2") cement fibre board, 1 layer of (16mm | 5/8") Type X FR Gypsumboard, 1 layer of (60mm | 2 1/3") IN® ARG060.

Technical Drawings


Model Height Width Depth Weight
STLLVI 244 cm (8 0 0/1") 120 cm (3 11 1/4") 10.4 cm (4 0/1") 111.38 kg (245,55 lbs)


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